DEENA is the creator and founder of FOURCE, a no-fail formula for success and an overall way of conducting your life that creates exceptional results and helps anyone who uses it to achieve anything they would like to accomplish..

Like many people Deena’s life resembled a winding road filled with road blocks and dead ends, like being broke and in a dysfunctional marriage, with a child to support. What’s different and outstanding about her is that she not only used each obstacle as motivation to create a BETTER life for herself, she embraced the lessons presented by each obstacle and has made them into stories she now uses to INSPIRE thousands.

Over the last 10 years, Deena has met the man of her dreams, and created a full and thriving marriage. Together they have generated over 29 million dollars through internet-based businesses, accepted the life time achievement Webby award on behalf of eBay’s 233 million users, were featured in Entrepreneur Magazine twice, maintained great health and raised a happy, loving family. While creating and living the life of her dreams, Deena has been instrumental in helping a countless number of people achieve their goals in their lives as it relates to business, relationships, parenting and more.



Life is like an ocean in a huge storm. Other people, circumstances, obligations and challenges will constantly distract you from where you really want to be… unless you’re driven by steadfast focus. Having the power of decisive clarity and an unwavering commitment to stay on course is like having a lighthouse in the middle of a raging sea. If you can vividly see where you want to be before you get there, nothing will be able to hold you back. Own your dream and hold onto it with everything you’ve got.

“ Each principle, on its own, will yield some positive results, but when used together, all four in conjunction, they marshal a truly unfathomable power to bring success to any aspect of your life. That four-stranded braid of timeless principles is what I call, FOURCE”.

Your motive in life matters. When you concentrate on another person’s interests without expecting anything in return, doors will begin to open up for you at every corner. There are rewards in life you have yet to discover. People, experiences and untapped passions are abundant and in plain view once you start looking beyond your own world scope. Get outside yourself and genuinely care about those around you—your results will be exponential.

Unfortunately, we usually don’t realize what we have… until it’s gone. It’s easy to complain about our jobs, our cars, traffic, our spouses, our kids and our bodies. But, what if you didn’t have any of those things at all? What are you grateful for? Appreciating what you already have in life is a habit. It’s a skill that shifts your perspective and expands your scope. Practice finding gratitude in every day and in every moment. Make this your new autopilot and start seeing the world in a new way…this is the catalyst to everything good in life.

As you move forward towards your goal, sometimes a whole staircase is shown to you. Sometimes, you can sprint full force ahead without ever looking back. However, other times, you have to take each day at a time and only get to move one step at a time. Either way, here’s the key… Regardless of how far into the future you can currently see, you have to simply take the step presented to you in the moment and then trust that the next step will reveal itself. You can’t control every aspect in life. Let go, experience life, trust in the process and live freely.

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